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Ya Boy Kongming! Manga Gets TV Anime

Kodansha will join writer Yotsuba Yuto and artist Ryō Ogawa’s Ya Boy Kongming! The (Paripi Kōmei) manga will receive a TV anime...


Kodansha will join writer Yotsuba Yuto and artist Ryō Ogawa’s Ya Boy Kongming! The (Paripi Kōmei) manga will receive a TV anime set to air in April 2022.

Osamu Honma (episode director of The aquatope on white sand, Fairy gone, IRODUKU: The World in Colors) is directing animation for the P.A. factory. Yoko Yonaiyama (screenwriter for the two seasons of Musume Pretty Derby Uma) is in charge of the script for the series, and Kanami Sekiguchi (Hanasaku Iroha – Tomorrow’s Flower, Shirobako) is in charge of character design. Genki Hikota (Theme from Lapis Re: LiGHTs, Yuri!!! on Ice) from Hifumi, inc. I’m composing music for Avex Pictures.

Other employees include:

Prop Design: Mayumi Miyaoka, Hiromi Makino
Art Director: Junichi Higashi
Background Art: Yuta Fujii
Color Design: Asami Eguchi
3D Director: Ichikawa Motonari
Director of Photography: Yoshimitsu Tomita
Edited by: Ayumu Takahashi
Special Effects: Masahiro Murakami
Sound Director: Iida Satoki
Kaede Hondo will play the role of Eiko Tsukumi and Ryotaro Okiayu will play the role of Zhuge Gongming.

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The manga launched on Kodansha’s Comic Days website in December 2019. This year’s issue 51 of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine revealed on Monday that the manga will also appear in the magazine starting November 22, issue 52. Volume 6 of the manga was shipped in July The 14th and 7th editions are scheduled to ship on November 18th.

Kodansha Comics began digitally publishing comics in English on June 1. The company describes the manga as follows:

Gong Myung, a general of the Three Kingdoms, struggled throughout his life and fought countless battles, becoming an outstanding strategist. So, on his deathbed, he hoped to be reborn into a peaceful world… and was sent straight to the modern-day party center of Tokyo! Can even a great strategist like Kongming adapt to rough beats and wilder party people?!
The fifth compilation volume of the manga was released in English on October 5th and the sixth is scheduled for release on December 7th.

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